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Endo-Porter PEG, with Endo-Porter peptide in 1 mM aqueous solution of PEG 1000 MW, offers the highest-efficacy and lowest-toxicity delivery into the cytosol of cultured cells of our various Endo-Porter formulations.

Endo-Porter is a novel peptide* explicitly designed to deliver substances into the cytosol of cells by an endocytosis-mediated process that avoids damaging the plasma membrane of the cell. Unlike the toxic delivery mechanisms used by other available peptide and lipid based delivery reagents, this endocytotic mechanism prevents the toxicity resulting from loss of vital cell contents.

can deliver high concentrations of cargo exceeding 70KD into both adherent and non-adherent cells, as shown by detailed studies with FITC-anti-actin antibody (Sigma F-3046, 50Kd) and fluorescent high-molecular weight dextrans (Invitrogen / Molecular Probes D-1823, 70 kD). Endo-Porter
requires no interaction with the cargo to be delivered and, by permeabilizing the endosomal membrane, Endo-Porter allows cargo that is co-endocytosed to enter the cytosol. Unlike the many delivery reagents that claim effectiveness in the presence of serum, Endo-Porter
works well in standard 10% serum.

Endo-Porter delivers neutrally-charged substances such as peptides or proteins (including antibody fragements) and is excellent for
delivering Morpholino
antisense oligos
as well!  We do not recommend using Endo-Porter to deliver anionic nucleic acids, as delivery efficacy is poor. Anionic molecules with high charge densities may form complexes with the Endo-Porter peptide as that peptide becomes cationic in the acidifying endosome.

*US patent 7,084,248

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